My grandfather I never knew……

My Grandfather

       To the grandfather I never knew. My grandfather passed away at a young age. He was a hardworking man. He built his house for his family that my grandma still lives in.  I always asked my dad about him and how he was. But my dad can just tell me a little bit about him as he was young when his dad passed away.

My tattoo artist isaac lucero.#isaaclucerotattoos

Isaac has been my tattoo artist for several years now. I reached out to him and told I want a portrait of my grandfather. He said “let’s do it”. This tattoo means  alot to because I never knew my grandfather. And to have his portrait as a tattoo, my grandfather will always be with me now. 

 Picture to a tattoo portrait

Here it is the finished product. I got this tattoo on my right calf. The reason my grandfather will be there every step I take in my journey of life. I’m so happy and amazed on how my tattoo came out. Thanks to my tattoo artist isaac lucero. #isaaclucerotattoos @illustratedgypsy 


To a special young lady in my life my step daughter kielee…..

Issak & kielee

This is my son issak and my step daughter kielee. I want to take some time on talking about my stepdaughter kielee. The hardest thing about being a parent is spending as much time with your children. As time is your enemy. There is diffrent parenting time with my children. My son is mine but I do have my step daughter kielee. She has to spend time with her dad and mom. But she knows im there for her. When we get a chance to hang out we take it when we can. 

I still remember when I first meet her. She was shy and quite. She was 5 at the time. As time went on we grew a bond together from picking her from school to helping her with her hair before school. We laughed we played we had fun. She has grown up into a beautiful young smart lady. Kielee is now 11 years old and watching her grow become her own person is amazing.  I’m happy I was a part of her life. To help her, to guide her and to show her  how a man should treat a young lady like herself and for her to remember that. 

She has both parents in her life. But she gained another one me. She will always be my daughter no matter what. I will always be  there every step of the way in her life. Love always. #ButterballandtheBeast.  

Meaning behind our name  “Butter ball and the Beast”

The meaning behind our name “butter ball and the beast”. When you see and look at the name or title I use #ButterballandtheBeast  you ask yourself who is the butterball and who is the beast. I’ll break it down.

 Im Butterball

When I was my sons age I had a few nicknames including peanut, sumo and butterball. I was a big boy when I was young.  I got to say butterball stuck with me. You probably see this name on turkey’s or poultry lol. I wanted to use it in my instagram name, make it interesting, catching and letting you know why I chose this as my title. Plus I think it’s funny. Make it fun you know. 

My son the beast            Now a little bit about my son the “beast” I call my son the beast because look at him he is a beast for his age “6”. He is strong, built tough, tall, and a gentleman. I love my son. He has taught me alot about being a parent and what I need to do for him. I made him the way he is now, he can defend himself, be responsible, have respect for others and help anybody when they need it. This is why he is my “beast”. So all in all we are “Butterballandthebeast”. 

Commuting to work. What i see on the road. 

What I see on the road when I commute. Well it’s been about two months since I have been commuting from cheyenne to denver for work. I have seen alot in these two months from my own car stalling out on the highway at 2am being pitch black but my car is fixed now but i have seen a car being abandoned that had caught on fire, cars with flat tires trying to pull over , major accidents from roll overs and objects hitting vehicles causing accidents. It is dangerious so always keep your eyes on the road. But all in all there is some perks to makeing that drive. For one seeing the outskirts of Colorado the Plains , watching the cloud formations turn into storms out to the distance, looking at the Hurd of bisons and cattle grazing and running on the Plains, keeping up with the trains off to the distance. I enjoy that.  It’s tough I’m not going to lie but in life you have to do what you got to do. Cause and the end it will pay off. 

Dads old chess board

My father had made a large chess set when he was in high school “1978”. Over the years the chess board had some wear and tear and also started to warp. My father wanted to throw it away, but I told him let me make something out of it. So I saw something similar on the Internet and since I’m a whiskey drinker let’s make it a tap. It took some time but I had fun creating something that I can use for a long time. It came out great! And I will say that is check mate! My friend..

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